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While we still offer the time honored traditional printed newsletter for our clients whose members insist on having a "printed" newsletter, we also recognize the winds of change have driven people to receive their communications digitally for more convenience. Many of us have migrated to smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops to read our magazines, research information, purchase goods and communicate from any location.

Embracing this change, we now also deliver a fully digital, HTML coded, interactive newsletter which can contain unlimited photos with no restrictions on size or quantity. We can also incorporate audio and video clips easily into the newsletter bringing to your membership a newsletter with so many features not available in the printed format! Members can read it at home and on the go - anywhere they choose! It has a "responsive design," meaning it is optimized for viewing on any device or screen size, and members are loving it!

"But half of our membership want a printed newsletter and the other half prefer a Digital version - WHAT TO DO?"

Statistics gathered from Private Club Surveys have shown us that the 50/50 split on printed versus digital is a fact, and the digital side will continue to grow while the print side diminishes as time marches forward. Therefore we created a solution, and clubs that have adopted it are loving it.

We give you the quantity of printed newsletters you need and then take the same newsletter design and turn it into a fully interactive HTML flipbook with unlimited photo, audio and video capabilities. This new approach creates a WIN/WIN solution for your members, and those who prefer the printed newsletter may move to the online version when they see how the flipbook incorporates so many more features.

Contact us Today at 760-731-2026 or email us at
and we'll send you a sample of a newsletter, both printed and online, so you can compare the similarities of both and explore the added features the online version offers.

This is a sample of the email that would take your members to the online version
of your newsletter, while highlighting a few of the events they'll read about within.

FINALLY! Simple, Fast and Highly Effective Quality eBlasts

CLICK HERE  to see how fast and easy it is to build your eBlast with our System

We also have a selection of animated emails for special occasions

We've taken the e-Blast to a new level with how we incorporate personalization directly into an impressive motion-graphic or photo using animation as shown below, giving it a look and feel that your members will be certain to open! More opened e-mails translates to more members attending your events. You can choose from a variety of our ever-growing collection of templates, by just adding your verbage and contact list - or we can custom design one specifically for your needs.

Click on an image below to view one of our animated eblasts.

  • RoyH_Cook_anim
  • RoyH_Val-anim
  • RoyH_St.Pat_anim

Let us take the burden off your hands! Give us a call at 760-731-2026 or email us at and we'll put a package together that suits your timeline.

Most folks enjoy a little recognition from time to time. We can handle this task for you by sending an appropriate, personalized notification to your members on their Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday or for a special achievement via a quality printed piece or a beautifully designed personalized email.


This is a private forum built solely for your members. It's a great way for your membership to communicate with each other. Here they can make new friends, find a playing partner, raise suggestions for the club and it's members, ask about recommendations for a good handyman, tell about a great restaurant, share their favorite recipe, and the list goes on and on. It's a great tool to aid in your membership's feeling of belonging!

Personalized Club Marketing houses a complete Print facility. We offer traditional offset printing, High Quality Digital printing and Large Format Printing up to 16 feet wide and 150 feet long. Whatever your needs, we can handle it - and we're fast!


We offer in house, complete Bulk Mailing services. We are 100% Full Service IMB Certified and we pass those postal savings on to you! Every mailing is CASS certified, updating mail addresses to the absolute current address, removing bad or invalid addresses and removal of duplicates to save you even more money.
Call 760-731-2026 or email us at for more info.



We're professional problem solvers! Tell us your needs and we'll find the solution.
We handle warehousing, inventory management, assembly and packaging, shipping and complete project management.

We furnish a wide assortment of Promotional Items for your Club